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The Machine

The Machine is back! Heavier than ever before, their sixth full length album Faceshift sees them further carving out their own sonic identity. The successor to 2015’s Offblast! is the band’s most noisy and melodic effort to date. After an existence of over a decade, The Machine digs more into their grunge and noise rock side, without sacrificing any trademarks.

Faceshift was recorded live at Studio De Zolder (as always), with The Machine’s own David Eering at the helm. The outcome is a more focused and punchy album, straying further and further from the stoner and psych jams of the early years. A maturation of the trio’s song writing results in memorable hooks, more room to breathe for the rhythm section and punishing riffs smashing you in the face with a hammer. Album highlight and title track “Face Shift” offers all of these ingredients, while the long instrumental section is a reminder that The Machine is not completely ignoring their heritage. Clocking in at 11:11, it is by far the longest track on the record.



The Machine is a rock band from the Greater Rotterdam Area, The Netherlands. Its two core members are guitarist and vocalist
David Eering and drummer Davy Boogaard.

The band formed in 2007, taking inspiration from 90’s/00’s desert rock and 70’s psych with a preference for lengthy instrumentals. Since then, they slowly developed their own sound, one that is known for its high volume and coherent diversity. Throughout the years, the approach shifted towards a more aggressive and song based formula.The result is a style with its roots in all things grunge and stoner, drew on heavy riffs and experiment.

The Machine toured Europe several times and repeatedly played at the major European scene-related festivals. Having a back catalogue of five full lengths and one split record, The Machine just released its sixth album Faceshift on Eering’s imprint Awe Records. Faceshift is a perfect illustration of the band’s maturing sound, being their most heavy, noisy and accessible record to

Longtime bassist Hans van Heemst parted ways with the band in early 2018, Faceshift being his final contribution. Until a
permanent replacement is found, Sander Haagmans (ex-Sungrazer/Whims Of The Great Magnet) will be filling in at live shows.

D i s c o g r a p h y
2007 – Shadow of the Machine [CD/independent release]
2009 – Solar Corona [CD+2LP/Nasoni Records] Moons of Neptune: >2.9 million views on YouTube
2010 – Drie [CD+2LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2012 – Calmer Than You Are [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2013 – The Machine & Sungrazer SPLIT [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2015 – Offblast! [CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records]
2018 – Faceshift [CD+LP/Awe Records]