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The Machine to release FACESHIFT


We are accepting pre-orders as of June 12. Head over to our SHOP and make sure your to get your copy reserved. All pre-orders will be shipped out as of Monday July 16. The first copies of “Faceshift” will be available during the live shows of The Machine of July 13 and 14.

The Machine is back! Heavier than ever before, their sixth full length album Faceshift sees them further carving out their own sonic identity. The successor to 2015’s Offblast! is the band’s most noisy and melodic effort to date. After an existence of over a decade, The Machine digs more into their grunge and noise rock side, without sacrificing any trademarks.

Faceshift was recorded live at Studio De Zolder (as always), with The Machine’s own David Eering at the helm. The outcome is a more focused and punchy album, straying further and further from the stoner and psych jams of the early years. A maturation of the trio’s song writing results in memorable hooks, more room to breathe for the rhythm section and punishing riffs smashing you in the face with a hammer. Album highlight and title track “Face Shift” offers all of these ingredients, while the long instrumental section is a reminder that The Machine is not completely ignoring their heritage. Clocking in at 11:11, it is by far the longest track on the record.

Faceshift will be released by Awe Records with a worldwide distribution by Cargo Records.

Release date : July 13, 2018
Catalog No. : AWE001/AWE002
Formats : CD/LP/Digital
01 – Crack You
02 – Agitate
03 – Heads Up
04 – The Norm
05 – Kick It
06 – Faceshift
07 – Zeroten
08 – Kamikaze

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